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About the Characters ~A Greater Purpose~

  Hello, today I want to share with you a bit about Evangeline, the McGradys, and the orphans who live at the Bluebridge Orphanage for Girls in A Greater Purpose. One of my sisters helped with some illustrating. Now, not everyone may be mentioned in the story I'm writing on my blog. They do live at the orphanage though, and maybe someday I'll make a more detailed story, and turn it into a book. :D

I'll be posting part IV tomorrow!

  Evangeline is twenty-two years old, and very pretty. She has dark brown or black hair, and blue eyes. She wore a cape, and brought a carpet bag with her.

Mr. and Mrs. McGrady
  Mr. and Mrs. McGrady immigrated from Ireland when they were in their twenties, but have kept their accents even though it's been forty years. They both have reddish, hair, though it has some tan or white mixed it. Both of them have frizzy or curly hair. They do not have any children of their own.
Mrs. McGrady

  Charity is eighteen years old. She has dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Since she does not have a family, she decided to stay and help at the orphanage. She has been moved from orphanage to orphanage. She was one of the orphans who was transferred from the Salem orphanage two years before.

  Mercy is sixteen, and came from the Salem Orphanage. She is African-American, and full of compassion. She loves to comfort the girls, and is especially close to Lavender.

  Miriam is fourteen years old, and has strait brown or dirty blonde hair. She has been an orphan since she was a baby, and has moved around a lot. She has worked at many places, lived at many house, and finally ended up at the Salem Orphanage at age ten. When she was twelve, she was transferred over to the Bluebridge Orphanage.

Isabella Margarita
  Isabella is thirteen, and was the daughter of a very wealthy couple. When her parents died, no body wanted to take her in, so she was sent to the Bluebridge Orphanage. When she comes of age, she will receive the estate, and a large sum of money, which her parents left for her. She often reminds the other orphans of this.

  Samantha is thirteen, and was transferred from the Salem Orphanage two years ago. Her dream is to open up her own orphanage someday, and to teach orphans about God.

  Sophia has dark black hair, brown eyes, doesn't speak much, She is twelve years old, and does not open up very easily. When you need advice, she is always ready to give it to you, which is funny since her name means "wisdom"!

  Charlotte was part of a large family. When her parents died, her siblings were separated, some to become workers, like her twin, Charlie, and others went to live in various orphanages. She was thrilled to find her little sister, Merry, when she came here from the Salem Orphanage. Charlotte has brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She is twelve years old, and was transferred from the Salem Orphanage two years ago.

  Katie is eleven years old, and is a big help to the McGradys. She had become an orphan when she was six, but had been taken in by a friend of her parents. When her guardian had heard about this orphanage opening up, she sent her here. Katie has been at the orphanage since it opened, and has blonde wavy or straight hair.

  Poinsettia arrived at the orphanage on Christmas day the year before. She is Chinese, and has straight, black hair, and a friendly smile. She is eleven years old. She did not know much English, and when her parents died, had tried to manage on her own. Cold, hungry, and lonely, she arrived at the orphanage in hope for a meal, but ended up staying.

  Hannah is ten years old, and her and her little sister were the first orphans they took in. She was actually dropped off, with her little sister, before the orphanage was completely fixed up. They stayed at the McGrady's house while the orphanage was being finished.

  Elizabeth is eight years old, and has been here since she was five. She has dirty-blonde hair, and brown eyes . She is sisters with Hannah.

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  Elizabeth is seven years old, and was nicknamed "Lizzy" so as not to get confused, since there is another Elizabeth at the orphanage. She has straight, dirty-blonde hair, and was brought here two years ago. She is very weak, and the McGradys believe she must have gotten very sick in the past.

  Ann and her little sister were brought here by their uncle a year before the story begins. They are Italian, and both have brown curls, and brown eyes. Ann is seven, and very protective of her sister.

Felicity (AKA Merry)
  Felicity, or "Merry", as most people call her, is seven years old. She has been here for three years, arriving shortly after the orphanage was opened. She is out-going, friendly, and full of smiles. She was thrilled when Charlotte arrived at the orphanage, after a year.

  Rosa is six years old. She has light brown hair, that is long and curly. She has freckles, and blue or green eyes. She was brought here about two years ago.

  Ruth is five years old, and has only been here about a month. She has brown curls, and brown eyes.

  Meg five, and was brought to the orphanage by an old woman a few months after the orphanage had opened. She is very talkative, and loves to help out around the orphanage.

  Nada is four years old, and was found on the orphanage porch two years ago with a letter. It explained that her name was Nada, which meant hope, and that the mother did not think she could give her daughter any. She knew the McGradys were kind people, and that at least this way she could grow up, and get an education, and plenty to eat. She asked them to be sure she kept her name, and learned the meaning as she grew older; she wanted her daughter to never lose hope.

  Maria is four years old, and has brown curls, and brown eyes. She doesn't talk to anyone but Ann.

  Maggie is three years old. She was dropped of at the orphanage shortly after it was opened, like Beth. Since they did not know her name, they decided  to call her "Maggie", after Mrs. McGrady's mother.

  Lavender is three years old. She was found on the orphanage steps when she was eighteen months old, and named "Lavender" by Mercy, who has sort of taken her on as a little sister. She has red hair.

  Kanaya is two years old, and has tan skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. She was brought to the orphanage a few months ago. The woman who brought her would not reveal her own identity, but told the the baby's name.

   Azul is just two years old, and was brought here a few months ago. Her mother, who had become a widow just before Azul was born, and had lost her house to the bank, was found by an old woman who had let her stay at her place. She had died during childbirth, and the old woman had named the baby girl "Azul" which meant "blue" in her language. She brought her to a lady who also had just had a baby, to be nursed, but when she was a year old, Azul was given back to the old woman. After awhile, the old woman knew she was too weak to raise a little girl on her own, and brought her to the Bluebridge Orphanage.

  Mary is 18 months, and was found on the orphanage porch three months before. She is learning to talk, and has a delightful laugh.

  Gracie is ten months old, and was found on the orphanage steps two months ago, with a bundle of  things such as diapers, blankets, clothes, and formula. They found her right after a blizzard, and named her "Grace" because God's grace in keeping her alive through the perilous weather they had that night.

  Beth was found on the orphanage steps a month before the story begins. We do not know who left her, but she was found with a canister of formula, and a blanket, with "Beth" embroidered on it.


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