Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Greater Purpose Part III "To Shine God's Light"

  If you visited the Bluebridge Orphanage for Girls right now, you would find Mr. McGrady in the lobby, hammering down some nails that have recently come loose in the floor. He would point down the hall to the great room, and tell you Mrs. McGrady has just made some delicious pumpkin muffins, and that they taste mighty fine.
  When you reach the Great Room, you'll see an old Irish woman seated in a rocker, with a little baby on her lap, and two more playing on the ground. She sings an old Irish hymn, and she feeds the youngest from the bottle. When you approach, she stops, and asks how she can help you.
  "I'm just visiting," you tell her, and she points up stairs, telling you the girls are in the attic. "They're in a class right now," she says, "but you're welcome to go in and listen too." You head upstairs, expecting to find an old dingy attic, but are surprised and delighted when you enter the bright and cheery room!

  The shutters have been opened, letting a beautiful light shine through the glass windows, illuminating the room. There is a cot in the corner, covered with a beautiful patchwork quilt, made from vibrant scraps of red, blue, purple, and yellow. There are colorful drawing hanging all over the wall, and some beautiful fall flowers in a vase, brightening the room even more, while also adding a delightful aroma. In the center of the room, sits a young woman, surrounded by twenty-three girls, ranging from ages two to eighteen years, singing song after song, with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. Suddenly, they notice you, and stop.
  "May I help you?" the woman asks.
  "No," you tell her. "I was just hoping to stay a few minutes, if that's alright with you."
  "Of course!" she tells you with a smile. "And you're just in time! Elizabeth dear, would you please pass out the muffins now?"
  Excitedly, the little girl of about eight years old jumps up, and runs over to where the basket of muffins is lying in the corner. She passes them out to everyone, and you can tell she's been waiting anxiously to do so.
  "My name is Evangeline," the woman tells you, and you tell her your name in return. After a few moments, she begins to speak.

  "My dear girls," Evangeline begins. "Have you ever gazed at the moon, shining in the sky at night? I used to love to sit out on the roof as a girl, and watch at the moon and stars."
   Some girls nod, and she continues.
  "Did you know, that even though it appears the moon is illuminating the night, the moon does not shine of itself at all. The moon is only reflecting the sun's light."
  She stood, and closed the shutters. "Charlotte," she said, "please pass the candle and match." When she did, Evangeline placed it in the middle. "This candle is not being very useful, is it?" she said with a laugh. The girls were quiet. After a moment, one little girl broke the silence, stating the obvious answer. "Well, that's because you didn't light it!" she said.

  "Yes, Merry," Evangeline said gently. "It cannot light up the room for us by itself. It needs the fire." She struck the match, and lit the candle. "Now the candle is shining brightly, and the room is not as dark."

  The girls listened intently. "Just as the moon needs the sun to light up the night sky, and the candle needs the fire to light up the room, we need God to spread light into the world.

  "But how can we shine God's light," she continued, "if we never spend time with God?" she looked around at the girls. No one answered.  "We cannot." she told them. "Have you ever seen an lunar eclipse?"
  "I remember seeing an eclipse before!" Merry exclaimed. "We were looking out the window, and the moon disappeared!"
  "Yes, Merry," Evangeline agreed. "During a lunar eclipse, it looks like the moon is disappearing. It's really still there, it's just not lit up, because the sun's light is not shining on it. Without the sun, the moon cannot light up the night sky. We need to spend time with God, so that we can shine His light in the world.

  Did you like part III? Stay tuned for part IV!!!


  1. Oh my! I LOVED this! I loved Evangeline's little analogies too - stated in a clear, simple way. Excited for part 4. ;)

  2. This is really sweet!!! I love watching moons... Did you see the Blue Moon/eclipse that happened this year?? I saw it sort of while I was half asleep. ;)

    1. I had planned on it, but then changed my mind as it got closer! I don't even know if we would've been able to see it, because I looked it up, and I think it was supposed to be close to the horizon, and we live in the woods. We went outside for the solar eclipse in August though! That was neat :D Thanks for reading!!

  3. Amazing !! i am really excited and looking forward for part 4!!!!
    Greetings from Crete

  4. Finished part 3!! Starting to wonder, is this what your “mystery” story is? Or is that going to be different?


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