Friday, March 2, 2018

A quick, tasty, healthy breakfast idea!

  Are you tired of having the same things for breakfast everyday? Here's an idea! Yogurt parfaits!

  You can use any yogurt really, but by using Greek yogurt, (vanilla or honey might be good!) you are getting healthy probiotics. Berries are delicious, and prevent cancer. We used frozen berries. (You can thaw them ahead of time, or microwave them.) Frozen berries tend to be cheaper, and this way you don't have to wash them. Get or make some granola (we bought a box of honey granola) and layer the ingredients in a cup!
  You can make a yogurt parfait for yourself, as a healthy and delicious breakfast, or your whole family can have a yogurt parfait breakfast. Just set out cups (clear ones look neat so you can see the layers, but any will do!), spoons, yogurt, berries, and granola, and everyone can customize their own! 

Do you have any tasty and healthy breakfast ideas? What's your favorite kind of breakfast food? 


  1. Oh my goodness!!! We make these too and we looooove them!!! I usually use strawberries and bananas in ours... I want to try blueberries raspberries, and blackberries though! So far we've only used Tillamook's vanilla yogurt, but I'd like to use either greek or homemade sometime.
    Another thing we eat sometimes is eggs. We get organic farm-raised eggs or from our own chickens (but ours aren't laying right now).

    1. Ooh! Bananas sound good! So, do you make yogurt? That sounds interesting!

  2. Man those look good!! Makes me hungry :P
    I really like omelets or muffins for breakfast. A non healthy thing I love to eat would be donuts, haha!! ;D

  3. I LOVE yogurt, fruit, and granola!!! It's quick, easy, and yummy!
    Lily @

  4. I need to try this soon! :)


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