Friday, June 8, 2018

A Greater Purpose Part IV "A New Creature"

 "A New Creature"

 Spring had officially come to Bluebridge Colorado. The birds were singing their joyful songs as the flowers were opening to show their beautiful colors in every street corner. Charity was cheerful as she swept the kitchen floor, windows open and breeze blowing. She hummed the familiar tune that had been with her her whole life, and sang the few words of it she knew, "And we shall meet again, my dear, yes we shall meet again." "And do I even know those?" she wondered. "Perhaps my mind has just made it up over the years...." After sweeping she headed up to the attic to join the others. They were about to begin A Greater Purpose session.

  "I have a surprise for you, my dears," Evangeline told them after they were all settled around on the colorful mat. She held up a glass jar and all the girls stared in awe as a yellow and black caterpillar crawled around inside. "It's a caterpillar!" Merry cried out joyfully. "Wherever did you find it?"
  "I saw some milkweed right outside the back door," she told them. "And this little critter was on it." She put it in the middle of the floor, and began to speak.

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  "Have you ever thought about a caterpillar's life? They crawl along on the ground and eventually become a chrysalis. After a bit, they emerge, no longer a caterpillar, but a butterfly. They didn't just sprout wings, no. Butterflies are not winged caterpillars, they are a new creature." She looked up at the girls to see if they were following, and then continued.
  "We are all born into sin, and, without God, we will continue to live in it, to crawl around in it. We can't save ourselves from it; we can try to "be good" but we simply cannot become new on our own.
  "But, if we ask Him, He can make us new. He will change us into completely new creatures! And someday, we, too, will fly...."

  Charity thought about these words that evening as she set the tables for supper. "God can make us new? What does it mean?" she wondered. She had heard the McGradys read stories from the Bible to the children many times, but Evangeline spoke of God as real, and alive even to-day. She brushed the thoughts aside and continued on with her work.

  After the evening meal, the children amused themselves by holding and playing with the caterpillar. They were trying to think of a name for it, but hadn't yet agreed on one. Charity and Evangeline sat on the cot, watching them play.
  "So, Charity," Evangeline asked, "how long have you lived here?"
  "Two years," she answered. "I was transferred here from the Salem County Orphanage. I had lived there for as long as I can remember. The folks there were cruel, and they could hardly afford to feed us. So when the Bluebridge Orphanage was advertising, they sent a bunch of us older girls over. It's so much better here. The McGradys have been so very kind to us."
  "Yes," Evangeline agreed. "I certainly know of the cruelties there." Charity look at her curiously. "I didn't realize folks outside the orphanage knew. All the way in India?"
  Evangeline was quiet as she looked out the window. "I lived there for a little while," she said, after a moment. "Before I went to India."
  "You mean you helped out there?" Charity questioned. "I do not remember you. But then again, it was a large orphanage, and I certainly did not meet the workers in every quarter..."

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