Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Poem About 2020

      At the end of last year as we looked towards the future, we anticipated all sorts of things.

     Hopes, dreams, and plans, that we hoped would come true, but that’s not what this new year would bring.

     This year has been different than years of the past, I think that we all can agree.

     While some were hit harder and others hit less, it’s been a strange year for all human beings. 

     For many this year has made more time at home, when school, work, or plans had been changed.

     What if God knew you needed more time seeking Him, and so He your life rearranged?

     What if He saw that your life’s but a vapor, and you needed more time to reflect? 

     To watch children grow, and see Fall leaves change, and make memories to collect.

     What if this year is a year to prepare for something that’s coming someday?
     Something that you’ll need to be grounded in Him for, if you want your faith to be stayed.


     So as we continue to wonder and wait, not sure what tomorrow will bring,

     Instead of just sighing at our scattered plans, embrace 2020 and sing! 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

You Were Meant for More


You were meant for more

Than an ordinary life,

Of longing for more,

Of fighting, and strife.

You were meant to live 

With a purpose for Christ.

You were meant for more 

Than this ordinary life.

You were meant to serve—

Which is a noble call

To serve the young and old,

To serve the big and small.

Although this may seem lowly,

 Compared to other things

When you are serving people,

You're serving our Great King!

So when work is set before you,

Whatever the task may be,

Remember it's for Jesus,

So do it cheerfully!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

How to Change the World


    Hi friends! : ) Today I want to talk about changing the world. When you hear the phrase "Change the World" what do you think? Many people would think about the people who's inventions changed the world, like Alexandre Graham Bell, or Johanns Gutenberg. Others would think of powerful leaders, like Napoleon, or Alexander the Great. Some may think of men who helped to make America a free country, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Paul Revere. All of these people did change the world, but so did many others. There have been millions of people who have changed the world and have not gone down in history books. There have been so many people who have changed the world and never fully knew their impact. Do you want to be a world-changer? Not so you can have world-fame, or go down in history books, but so that you can truly make a difference for the better? 

     Let's look at six very important ways you can change the world.

     1. Pray

     Too many people underestimate the power of prayer. Compare your strength to God's. His strength is limitless! If you really want to make a difference in the world, this is definitely the most effective way. We can't change hearts, no matter how much we convince people, but God can do it in a single second. There are so many other things outside of our power too that God can do, so why not ask Him?

     2. Investing in Children

     This is another very important way to change the world that people often overlook. Children are the next generation, and a big part of who they become depends on the people who helped to shape them. Whether you have children of your own, or have younger siblings or friends, I'm sure there are some children in your life. We should actively make sure we're helping them to become the kind of people this world needs. Don't ignore, invest in them. Talk to them, give them advice, answer their questions, and especially, set a good example for them.

     3. Be Kind to Strangers

     On average, there are about 132 suicides a day. Many of these people committed suicide because they felt unloved and unwanted. Be kind to strangers. Smile at the people you pass in the store, hold the door open for the person behind you, and ask the cashier how she is doing.

     4. Helping Others

     I saw a quote by Charles Dickens that I really liked. It went like this, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." Sometimes people can feel like they aren't doing much of importance with their life, but if they are helping to lighten someone else's burden (whether their mom, or sister, or grandmom, or anyone else) then they are definitely not being useless!

     5. Spreading Awareness

     Another way you can change the world is by spreading awareness. There are many things that are ignored simply because most people don't know about it, or they don't know the full extent of it. For example, lots of people think of Planned Parenthood as a company to "help young moms in distress". They may not realize that Planned Parenthood is killing full-term babies, or leaving already born babies to die. * I don't agree with any abortion, I'm just pointing out that many people don't realize they are killing full-grown babies.* By now, most people have probably heard of the term, "Human Trafficking," but do they realize how big of a deal it actually is? There are approximately 20-40 million people enslaved in it right now. By spreading awareness, we are getting more people to pray, donate and help to end these atrocities. 

     6. Telling People About Jesus

     Lastly, Jesus is the only one who can ultimately change someone's life. No matter if they have plenty of food, and a warm shelter, and no matter how much love you show to them, they need Jesus. What is the point of a little earthly satisfaction compared to where they will spend eternity?

Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it could change the world for that one person.

     I want to be a world changer, will you join me?

Friday, August 7, 2020

When Do Revivals Come?


  When life is going well, people often forget about God. Yes, they may still go to church, say a prayer, or listen to a hymn, but sometimes, it's just not real. Often, we simply go through the motions. When life is going well, why would we need to pray? We have everything we want. Besides, there's so many other things to fill our minds with: recent places we've gone and friends we've met and all of our summer plans. They can distract us from what really matters.
     It seems like hard times are what truly lead us to Christ. Persecution is often what comes before revival. Think about it; when do you pray the hardest? Usually it's during a hard time, when there is a great need. We should be able to see that there are always huge needs in the world, like the 150,000 babies aborted each day, and the thousands upon thousands of children sold to human trafficking around the world. We should see that we always need more love for God, that we should always be praying for wisdom. Why don't we?
     We get too comfortable. We fail to realize how real these needs are, and so we ignore them. Not until persecution is dropped on our doorstep do we really get on our knees and seek God. 
     This has been true throughout history. Over and over the Israelites would ignore God, and seek idols. Then, when they were captured, or sick, or afraid, they would seek Him. Revivals have hit during dark and terrible times. When faith was against the law is often when it spread the fastest. There have been times when rulers have captured Christians and publicly killed them, for the purpose of scaring people. What was the result? Well, when they burned Jan Hus at the stake, it gave thousands of people the courage to follow Christ.
     I think now is the time for another revival. With many churches closed, people have been meeting elsewhere. In California, many people have been having churches at beaches since meeting in a church building has become illegal. There have also been churches in homes, campgrounds, and even Wal-mart. Why does this matter? Well, often times at churches, everything is planned out ahead of time. They basically just go through the schedule: sing these three songs, listen to a sermon written at home, etc. With groups meeting outside of church, I think there's more of a chance for God to lead. Without a sermon written out for one man to preach, there's more time for God to speak what He wants through people. Without the songs planned out, people can sing what the Holy Sprit leads them to sing. Without a schedule, people can spend more time on their knees, praying for the world. Matthew 18:20 says,  For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. American churches do not spend enough time in real prayer. There are so many urgent needs we should be praying about!
     Will you join me in praying for revival? Will you pray that God will once again light a spark in the heart of man and let it spread throughout the world? Will you help to spread that flame?

A flame was lit
In the heart of man
T'was never quenched
For no one can.

In the fourteenth century
As Wycliffe read
A new thought came
Into his head.

The common folk—
Not only we,
Should have the Bible
To freely read.

So many a copy
Was written by hand
In languages the people
Could all understand

Many were angry,
His Bibles were banned
People must burn them
All through the land.

But were they diminished?
Are they all gone?
No, Wycliffe's Bibles
Today still live on.

In the fifteenth century
Another stood strong
He stood by the Bible
And spoke against wrong

The Emperor summoned him
"We won't lay a hand,"
So Jan Hus bravely went
To that far-away land.

When he got there, they took him
Threw him into a cell
Where they left him for months
Till a trial befell

They condemned him to death
Yes, they burned Jan Hus
They thought that that would
Stop the fuss.

But as he suffered,
He sang and prayed
Even in the trial
His faith was stayed

Will this now
Make people scared?
For sufferings thus,
Are they prepared?

Somehow this took away their fear
By thousands they were slain
They wouldn't deny Jesus
For any earthly pain.

It still lives on
This flame inside
It wasn't put out
Though so many have tried.

Will you stand up
Though great the price,
Is Jesus worth
Our sacrifice?

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Mediocre Lives

     Millions of people are living mediocre lives. Some people know they are. They wake up tired, start on their daily expectations, whether that be school, work, taking care of children, or anything else, scroll through their phone in the evening, and go to bed just to wake up to the same routine tomorrow. They are mentally exhausted. They want life to change, but don't know how it possibly could. 
     Some people, though, think that they're living their best life. Maybe they have their dream job, and make enough money to buy everything they want. Maybe they have a million friends, or maybe they spend their days traveling the world. To them, life could seem perfect at the moment.
     Whether or not they know it, they're living quite a mediocre life.

Mediocre = Of moderate quality

     A mediocre life could be better. Much better. You see, when God made us, He put a hole in our hearts, a hole only He could fill. I think everyone is aware that they're seeking something, that deep down inside, they're unsatisfied. They want more out of life. For me, just looking at a sunset tells me, "There's more to life." 
     Some people just accept the fact that they will never be fulfilled. They want more, but they are too depressed to try to improve their life, and they feel like they couldn't change anything even if they tried. Many people, though, try to fill that void with all their might. Maybe you think that if you can travel the world, you'll be satisfied. Maybe if you get married, and have children, you'll be fulfilled. Maybe if you were rich, it would take away all of your stress, and you could just have peace. Solomon went the route of trying to find his own fulfillment, and in the end he concluded that "All is vanity." 

Vanity = The quality of being useless or futile. 

      Some people think that if they spend their lives helping others, they will be satisfied. While it's true that we were not made to live for ourselves, not even spending your life for others will fill that empty hole. There's something even deeper than loving others, and that's knowing and loving the Creator of the universe.

     Do you know God? Reading your Bible is important, and obeying Him is important, but do you actually know Him, as a Father, and as a friend? That is how you will really be satisfied in life. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Summer Months

  Hello everyone! I was scrolling through my pictures and thought it'd be fun to share some of them with you! These are just random pictures giving you a snippet of what's been going on around here!

Last week I tried a recipe for chocolate Zucchini bars from Hope's Table. They turned out really good!

Now that I'm done school I've been doing some school with my siblings. Here's the science wall in the library!
On Monday some of us went camping with friends near a lake. It was really pretty there!

This sunrise was beautiful!
We've been spending a lot of time outside. The garden is doing really well and we've been getting tons of cucumbers and green beans! There's also some really big watermelons growing. :D
In June my sister got a Blue Lynx Point Himalayan Persian kitten for her birthday. The plan is to get another and breed it!
On July 4th we had a yard sale. It was so busy! We've never had such a successful yard sale! We hope to do another on August 8.
For my sister's graduation we went to a park with train tracks and our friend took some pictures!
This is Tara, my sister.

This is me : )

Here's some lavender from our front yard. It smells so good!
Every night the chickens all fly up to the perch to sleep. This is an old picture though. Now they are hanging off the edge. They need a bigger perch!
This is Becky, the puppy we got in December. She's gotten a lot bigger!

Some other highlights of this summer:

-Building a chicken coop with my mom
-Trying to learn ukulele
-Getting a part-time job landscaping with my friend Sarah
-Enjoy the summer sunshine (and rain! 😜)

I hope you enjoyed! What have you been doing this summer?

Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Favorite Things Tag (Second Round : )

     Hello! A while back Beth, from Beth in Boots, created this tag. It went around for quite a bit but then stopped. Recently she reposted it with a few edited rules. I'm going to be doing it below. Thank you Beth for tagging me!

♥ Thank and link back to the person's blog who tagged you!
♥ Thank and link back to the person's blog who started the tag!
♥ Write about eight of your favorite things in your post!
♥ Add at least 2 picture or gifs in your post that are related to your favorite things.
♥ Tag eight people at least! (If you don't know eight blogs to tag just tag as many as you can)
♥ Put the eight rules in your blog post!
♥ Include the picture above for the beginning of your post!
♥ Have fun!!!
     Eight of my favorite things are:

My family (This is just half of us)
Playing violin/listening to music

The night sky, especially when you can see stars really well.

Bullet Journaling

My chickens

Flowers; any kind, but especially yellow ones

I'm not sure if I'll be able to tag 8 people, but I'll try. 
Ellie K. 



Megan & Ashley

Evangeline (Because it would be fun to do it from her perspective πŸ˜‹)

Okay, that's all I can think of! Hope you are all having a great summer!