Saturday, August 11, 2018

A New Brother!

  Hello! So today I'm going to be filling you in on Caleb, my newest brother!
  August 7, around 12:40 am, Mom and Dad left for the hospital. Mom was in a lot of pain, her water had broke, and the contractions were coming-quick. We weren't sure if they would make it to the hospital in time, which was an hour away.
  Tara and I were called upstairs and slept on the couch. Well, lay on the couch. How could we sleep?
  Around 1:30 Dad called. Strange... Would they really have reached the hospital already? We answered, and he told us he was still on a road that's not very far from our house. "The baby's here." Caleb was born in the Suburban in a church parking lot! After he was born, a cop and two ambulances arrived, and Mom and Caleb were taken the rest of the way to the hospital. Mom said she was looking out the back windows as it zoomed around tractor trailers on the highway. Dad followed in the suburban.

  Caleb was doing well. He was a little colder than he was supposed to be, so they put him under a heat lamp. Also, his sugar was low, which the nurse said could have to do with him being cold. Dad came home in the afternoon, and later took us all to see him. He was born 5 lb 11 oz and was 19" long.

  Caleb was doing good overall! His hair was brown, and his eyes looked like they would be too.

A little bundle : )

  On the 9th (still at the hospital) Mom pointed out that his lips and mouth were bluish black. The nurses rushed him away.  By the time they reached the room where they were going to check his oxygen level, he was better. A little later though, while hooked up to the machine, it happened again. This time they saw his oxygen level dip down on the screen. Later, his oxygen level dipped down AGAIN, twice,  without his mouth turning blackish blue. They had him hooked up; something checked his oxygen, something showed the speed of his heart beats. He was under a heat lamp with sugar water being put into him through an IV. The doctor came in and said he would get a chest X-Ray. That came back great!
  Later that night, only Mom was at the hospital. His oxygen level went down again, twice. She told Dad on the phone that they were going to take him to UVA, a bigger hospital. They put an oxygen mask on him, put him in a freezer-looking thing, and took him away. Dad picked up Mom and they drove there too. They put him in a NICU. We were really scared. That night Mom and Dad stayed there. They emailed that he was doing good, but his red blood cell count was high. His oxygen levels did not drop at all at UVA though, which we were happy about!

  We thought Caleb was 37 weeks, 6 days along at birth. But they began to think otherwise. You see, my Mom didn't go to the hospital for an ultrasound until she was quite far along. "By that time," we now were told, "it was too late to measure him and get an accurate due date." So, the due date was probably quite a bit off! They now think he was only 34 or 35 weeks along at birth!
  But you know, All thing work together for good to them that love God. Romans 8:28. When he was born, Dad had to take the cord off his neck. It was on there twice. If he was in there for five or six more weeks, would he have lived?
  Not to mention, my mom showed signs of the early stages of preeclampsia. When she was able to get her blood pressure tested after the baby was born, it was really high. Would my mom have made it another five or six weeks?
  Lots of people were praying for him. The next evening he was getting a EEG, to test his brain. Mom and Dad came home, along with Grandma. I wondered of he'd be okay. I wondered if they'd keep a good eye on him, with his family two hours away. Was he in good hands? But you know, God reminded me: Ultimately, Caleb is in God's hands.

  This morning, Mom called in to check on him. The EEG showed such wonderful results that they were taking it off early! Also, his red blood cell count was completely better! Below is a picture Mom and Dad sent today. Doesn't he look peaceful? I'm so happy to see him without all those wires everywhere.

  Caleb is off the IV and doing wonderful! Thank you for your prayers;  God hears them! I don't know when he'll be able to come home, but I'll post more pictures when he does.

  "O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for his mercy endureth for ever." 1 Chronicles 16:34

Monday, August 6, 2018

A "Yard" Sale!!! 50% of the profit goes to Amazima

Hello! As you probably guessed from the title, today I'm going to be a doing an online yard sale! Actually, it's not just going for today. It will be until whenever they sell. They are on a first come first serve basis, so if you want something, write me right away to ensure that no one gets it first!

  Half of the profits will be going to Amazima, a ministry started by Katie Davis (Now Katie Davis Majors.) Amazima helps poor children in Uganda by paying for them to go to school, buying them school supplies, giving them meals and medical care, and telling them about Jesus. If you would like to learn more about Amazima, you can here.

  If you are interested in anything, you can comment below, or email me at .

  You may be able to save on shipping costs if you buy more than one thing and I can package them together.

  This sale is open to everyone living in the Continental USA. Unfortunately, shipping would probably be pretty expensive to send anything elsewhere.

  If you buy something, you can pay through PayPal, or "Snail Mail." 

Have fun!!!



Writings to Young Women
$3 for the three book set + $4 shipping
In book one, learn what Laura Ingalls Wilder has to say about Wisdom and Virtues. In book two, read about life as a pioneer woman. In book three, read what her family and friends say about her.

This is what they look like without the dust covers on.


Laura's desk

One of the chapters

Laura Ingalls Wilder

By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder
$2.50+$2.50 shipping
Great condition! I'm only selling it because I have two. As you see, it's won a metal, so it's a pretty good book. :D 

Includes pictures in color!

From Passion To Profit
Start Your Business in 6 Weeks or Less!
$3 + 2.50 shipping

Learn how to start a business in only six weeks!

Craft Business Power
15-Days To A Profitable Online Craft Business
$4+$2.50 shipping
This book is written by Jason and Cinnamon Miles, founders of Liberty Jane, a company that sells doll clothing and patterns. Here they give good advice to anyone else wanting to start a craft business!

Everyday Light (Devotional)
$2+$3 shipping

Forward by Thomas Kinkade

I never actually read this book, so I don't know if it's good or not, but you can read it and see!

Side is a little dirty. Still in rather nice condition though.

Paperback book
$1+ $2.50 shipping

There is a little sticky spot on front cover. You may be able to get it off with a warm rag.

Also, someone wrote a little in the inside.↑

Elsie's Girlhood
$1+2 for shipping

This is #3 in the series

There is a little stickiness on this one too.

Sadly, someone wrote in the inside of this one in big marker. ) : I made the shipping $.50 less to make up for it.

Little Town on the Prairie
$1 +$2 shipping
Pictures inside are black & white.
This book is not in perfect condition. There is a little bit of stickiness, a small rip on the cover, and the sides are a little dirty. I wish I didn't have to charge shipping (you can come pick it up! 😜) but I do. :/ It's still a good book though!


Size 7
$3+ shipping (email for shipping price)

Red White and Blue button-up shirt
Size: Medium 8-10
$2+$5 shipping

Light blue cape dress
$4+$5 shipping
This fabric is quite see-through, so you will want to wear a slip or something under it.
Since it doesn't have a size (it's homemade) I'll take some measurements.
Length from neck to bottom (in front): 46 1/2 inches
Length from neck to waist: a little under 12 1/2 inches (it's a rather short bodice)
Waist : about 31 1/2 inches 
Sleeve length from shoulder: Almost 11 inches

Arts + Crafts/School

Blue and Black Case It
$3 + shipping. I'm guessing the shipping will be around $6 or $7. If you email me your zip code, I'll measure it and find out the exact price on USPS.

Inside there are three rings, like a binder. Also, there are pockets, and little pen holders at the top. The whole thing zips closed.

It has a handle.

The top is also a pocket, in a way. You can put notebooks or papers in it.

The Garden of Eden Coloring Book
$2.50 + $3.50 shipping

This is a pretty neat coloring book!

Unfortunately, I colored one page before...
But other than that, it's in very good condition!


Cup and Box
This cup was sent to us on accident. It says Joshua 1:9 (Be strong and courageous, do not be discouraged, for the LORD you God shall be with you wherever you go) in Spanish. They ended up sending us another in English, but if you know Spanish, or have a friend who does, this is a pretty cup with a nice matching box!
$4+Shipping (Email me with your zip code and I'll calculate the shipping.)

A Cookbook
100 Cupcakes & Cakes from 1 Easy Recipe
$3+$3 shipping

It's a little dark where the sticker was.
It has a nice, thick cover.

I guess that's it for now! I may post more things another time; we'll see. Don't forget, 50% of the profit goes to Amazima!