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  Hello! As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a while. I do want to go back to the story, but just not yet. I've noticed quite a few blogger going on a hiatus or breaks from blogging lately, and I think I really could use one too. (Though I've kind of already been on one.)
  When I come back, I'll continue with the story, and also post some other things (I have a few ideas!!!) I'm not sure when I'll be returning, probably the end of April or early May.
  While I'm gone, feel free to read part 1-3 of A Greater Purpose so that you can continue along when I return!

Part 1 | "A Knock at the Door"
Part 2 | "A Glimpse Into the Past"
Part 3 | "That Shine God's Light"

   Also, if you like photography, check out Lexah Nelson's Spring Photography Contest. It ends April 9, so you better hurry! There is even a prize (see on her blog!)

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  Hope you all have a wonderful April!!! 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sundar Singh - A True Story Part II

  Hello again!
  Today I am posting part II of Sundar Singh. You can read Part I  HERE.

  So, I think I probably wrote too much in Part I about what happens in the book. Since I'm sure the authors don't want me to tell you everything that happens in their book, I'm going to try to not tell as much this time. I'll try to still make it interesting though, so don't miss out!



  After recovering from being poisoned, Sundar continued to the boarding school. After a little while, he ended up leaving, and going to help at a leprosy hospital. On his sixteenth birthday, Sundar was baptized. After being baptized, he went into the forest for a month, to think and pray. When the month had ended, he had a plan. He would become a sadhu, or, holy man. But not a Hindu one, a Christian one. He would travel through villages, and tell them about Jesus.

Forest in India

  Sundar had many adventures as he traveled. Sometimes people rejected him. Once, he was locked up, and leeches were poured on him. But do you know what he did? While the leeches sucked away, he preached to the people watching him. He told them that it was a privilege to suffer for Christ.
  And sometimes, God would save the people. That made it all worth it!

  Sundar had many unique opportunities. Once he was able to preach to thieves. He told them that even though they thought they had taken everything, he still had something else to give. Other times he would find people purposely torturing themselves-lying in a bed of nails, or sitting surrounded by fires on a hot day. These were also great opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

  Sundar witnessed God doing so many miracles! Once, he was thrown into a well to die. A few days later, someone removed the cover, and rescued him. He was in a daze, and did not know who it was. When the grand lama heard, he was very angry, and wanted to know who had rescued him. But then someone reminded him that the only key to the cover of the well was kept on his belt. Sundar was ordered to leave and never return.
  Once, Sundar found out that he was supposedly dead. His obituary had been printed, and a memorial service had been held.

  Sundar got to visit lots of different countries. Tibet, England, America, and many more!

  Even the end of the story is interesting. When Sundar was forty years old, he left for Tibet, as he had done many times before. He was never heard from again. People had many different theories as to what had happened to him, but no one know for sure.
  When he was still alive, he told people, when I die, don't say "He is dead" but say, "He has entered heaven and eternal life and he is with Christ in the perfect life."

  What can we learn from Sundar Singh's story? Well, if you follow God's plan, you will have a fulfilling life. And if you submit your life to God, He will use you to accomplish great things for His Kingdom.

  I really enjoyed learning about Sundar Singh, and I hope you did too! I hope you will check out the book (see below) and read it yourself! There are so many interesting things in the book that I didn't write about on here, like the men who took turns pretending to die, or the  big surprise he finds when he visits his father many years later.

That'a all for now, but I hope you'll go and learn more!!

Pictures are not mine. I found them on Google.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Greater Purpose Part III "To Shine God's Light"

  If you visited the Bluebridge Orphanage for Girls right now, you would find Mr. McGrady in the lobby, hammering down some nails that have recently come loose in the floor. He would point down the hall to the great room, and tell you Mrs. McGrady has just made some delicious pumpkin muffins, and that they taste mighty fine.
  When you reach the Great Room, you'll see an old Irish woman seated in a rocker, with a little baby on her lap, and two more playing on the ground. She sings an old Irish hymn, and she feeds the youngest from the bottle. When you approach, she stops, and asks how she can help you.
  "I'm just visiting," you tell her, and she points up stairs, telling you the girls are in the attic. "They're in a class right now," she says, "but you're welcome to go in and listen too." You head upstairs, expecting to find an old dingy attic, but are surprised and delighted when you enter the bright and cheery room!

  The shutters have been opened, letting a beautiful light shine through the glass windows, illuminating the room. There is a cot in the corner, covered with a beautiful patchwork quilt, made from vibrant scraps of red, blue, purple, and yellow. There are colorful drawing hanging all over the wall, and some beautiful fall flowers in a vase, brightening the room even more, while also adding a delightful aroma. In the center of the room, sits a young woman, surrounded by twenty-three girls, ranging from ages two to eighteen years, singing song after song, with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. Suddenly, they notice you, and stop.
  "May I help you?" the woman asks.
  "No," you tell her. "I was just hoping to stay a few minutes, if that's alright with you."
  "Of course!" she tells you with a smile. "And you're just in time! Elizabeth dear, would you please pass out the muffins now?"
  Excitedly, the little girl of about eight years old jumps up, and runs over to where the basket of muffins is lying in the corner. She passes them out to everyone, and you can tell she's been waiting anxiously to do so/
  "My name is Evangeline," the woman tells you, and you tell her your name in return. After a few moments, she begins to speak

  "My dear girls," Evangeline begins. "Have you ever gazed at the moon, shining in the sky at night? I used to love to sit out on the roof as a girl, and watch at the moon and stars."
   Some girls nod, and she continues.
  "Did you know, that even though it appears the moon is illuminating the night, the moon does not shine of itself at all. The moon is only reflecting the sun's light."
  She stood, and closed the shutters. "Charlotte," she said, "please pass the candle and match." When she did, Evangeline placed it in the middle. "This candle is not being very useful, is it?" she said with a laugh. The girls were quiet. After a moment, one little girl broke the silence, stating the obvious answer. "Well, that's because you didn't light it!" she said.

  "Yes, Merry," Evangeline said gently. "It cannot light up the room for us by itself. It needs the fire." She stuck the match, and lit the candle. "Now the candle is shining brightly, and the room is not as dark."

  The girls listened intently. "Just as the moon needs the sun to light up the night sky, and the candle needs the fire to light up the room, we need God to spread light into the world.

  "But how can we shine God's light," she continued, "if we never spend time with God?" she looked around at the girls. No one answered.  "We cannot." she told them. "Have you ever seen an lunar eclipse?"
  "I remember seeing an eclipse before!" Merry exclaimed. "We were looking out the window, and the moon disappeared!"
  "Yes, Merry," Evangeline agreed. "During a lunar eclipse, it look like the moon is disappearing. It's really still there, it's just not lit up, because the sun's light is not shining on it. Without the sun, the moon cannot light up the night sky. We need to spend time with God, so that we cannot shine His light in the world.

  Did you like part III? Stay tuned for part IV!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sundar Singh - A True Story

  Dear followers, today I want to tell you a true and exciting story! It's about Sundar Singh, an Indian man who was born a Sikh, but became a Christian as a teenager. I read a book for school on him, and thought it was very interesting. I hope you think that too!


  Sundar Singh was born to a Sikh family in India on September 3rd, 1889. His mother had wanted him introduced to many different religions, and, after making friends with two missionary ladies, Sundar's mother enrolled him in the American Presbyterian Mission School. He enjoyed going there, but, when he was fourteen something devastating happened. His mother died. 
  Sundar's heart hardened. He became very difficult at school, and eventually, he decided to quit. He chose instead to walk three miles each way to public school. He did for a time, but, ended up getting Malaria. The next school year Sundar returned to the Christian school, knowing he was too weak to walk six miles a day.

   The malaria had left side-effects. Sundar's mind would wander, and oftentimes he would fall asleep in school. He began to think he'd die before graduating. He was sad, and then angry. Angry at God. This anger grew, and one day he bought a New Testament Bible. To read? No. Sundar had some friends over, and burned the Bible. 
  While the Bible burned,  Sundar thought of his mother. What would she think if she were alive? He felt that he needed to know. Know for certain. He was sure the Christian God was not a live God. But what about the other gods or guros? He needed to know. 
  A few days later, Sundar prayed."God, if You are there, reveal Yourself to me tonight. If You do not, I will kill myself in the morning, because I cannot live another day with all of these unanswered questions."
  Early the next morning, Sundar was still awake. Suddenly, he noticed a light. The light grew and grew, and then the figure of a man appeared in the light. It was Jesus. Jesus spoke to him, in his own language, saying, "How long will you persecute Me? I have come to save you. You were praying to know the right way. Why do you not take it? I am the Way." Sundar got on his knees and asked Jesus to forgive, and save him.
  Afterwards, Sundar felt an enormous amount of peace and joy. He wanted to tell someone, so he woke his father, who said it was all a dream. But Sundar's life was changed.
  The teachers at his school were thrilled about the exciting news. Sundar's father, however, was not pleased. "You are a Sikh," he told Sundar. After numerous events, his father ended up telling him, "We reject you forever." 

  Sundar left, but, once on the train, realized that he had been poisoned by his family, and that he was now dying. He got off at the next stop, in a town he knew one of the Christian teachers had moved to.
  Once there, he collapsed into unconsciousness. When he awoke, he heard someone tell the teacher that there was nothing else he could do. Sundar would die, and he would come to talk about funeral arrangements the next day. Fifteen year old Sundar Singh prayed to God all throughout the night, that God would heal him. And He did! When the man came to make funeral arrangements in the morning, he was quite surprised to find Sundar sitting out in the sun!

  That's all for now! There will be a Part II soon. I'll try not to reveal everything, so that you'll still want to read the book. (I'll put a link to the book I read in Part II.) 
  So, did you enjoy Part I? Have you ever heard of Sundar Singh? Have you read any good books recently?
  Before I close, Grace H. from Don't You Know That I'm Singing? has just started a blog series called Identity Focus. " This series is about some things that take our focus off of our identity as believers in Christ." The fact that our identity is in Christ is so important. If our identity wasn't in Christ, we would have no hope. You can go and read Part I of her series, HERE. Have a great night!

Note:The pictures were found on Google. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Greater Purpose Part II "A Glimpse Into the Past"

A Greater Purpose Part II "A Glimpse Into the Past"

  Nestled in the small town of Bluebridge, Colorado, you will see a large, brick building. Once used as a small inn, this building was transformed into an orphanage three years before.
  The Bluebridge Orphanage for Girls was not like most orphanages. Instead, they treated the girls as if they were their own. Mr. and Mrs. McGrady were never able to have children of their own, so they became kind of like parents to the girls at the orphanage.

Here is the building before being fixed up and turned into the orphanage.

  They could not afford much, for the taxes they received from the government were very little, but they always survived. Sometimes a visitor would bring food, exactly when they needed it. And the building had a huge fireplace in the middle of they great room, which they were so fortunate to have. How many nights had they sat around the fire to keep warm? How many meals had they cooked by the large fire? How cozy it was, though it was dark, and cold in the rest of the place, to sit by the warm fire on a cold winter's night!
  This night found them again, settled around the fire, old Mr. and Mrs. McGrady in their rockers, rocking to and fro. Twenty-six orphans, settled around on the floor. And there, on the other side of the fire from the rest, sat a young woman of twenty two. Though the room was filled the chatters and cries of twenty-six girls, she did not hear a thing, for she was deep in thought. She sat, remembering her own past, a past not unlike most of the girls here. Some of the girls had been sent right to this orphanage, while others had been transferred from one orphanage to another. Five of the older girls had been transferred here two years ago, she had learned, when the Salem Orphanage could not afford to feed them. The Salem Orphanage. How she hated to think off that awful place. 

  "Get back to your floor missy! Scat! On with ya now!" a harsh lady cried as the four-and-a-half year old girl bent down and kissed the baby girl one last time. "Van Van" the baby cried, as the lady pulled the little girl out into the hall. "I told you to stay off of this floor. Stay where ya belong!" And with that she let go with a jerk, causing the her to fall to the floor. She stood up, wiped herself off, and ran to the top floor, where she sat on her bed and cried.

    Suddenly Evangeline was taken from her thoughts, at the sound of a loud bang. Seeing it was nothing serious, she opened her bag, took out the notebook, and began to take some notes. Tomorrow morning, she decided, she would ask about the class. 
  She really wanted to teach the orphan girls a class. When she was a girl, a kind lady had taken her once a week, and taught her all sorts of things. She had called the class, "A Greater Purpose." It wasn't a big thing, just Evangeline, and the lady. She taught her about Jesus, and how with Him, we have hope. She told her how if we submit to God's will, we will live a live of purpose, accomplishing things that are worthwhile. Her whole life, Evangeline had dreamed of someday teaching other girls, helping other girls to learn about God, and about how there is hope for the future. When God called had her here, to this small orphanage, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. All theses girls, girls who have lost their whole families, girls who have been moved from place to place, how wonderful it would be to tell them, there is hope!
  The girls had probably learned about the Jesus some, from the McGradys. "But if we had a class," Evangeline thought to herself, "every week, imagine how much more they could learn, how much they could grow spiritually. Imagine how much it could impact their lives. That class made such a big impact in my life. I want to do the same for others."

 ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

  The next morning when Evangeline asked Mr. and Mrs. McGrady about the class, they were thrilled with the idea. "I'll even bake some of my pumpkin muffins!" Mrs. McGrady said with a jolly chuckle. "And you can use the attic, if you'd like,"  Mr. McGrady added. "I'm sure the girls would love to help you fix it up."
  And so it was decided. Each Saturday, Evangeline the girls, except a few of the youngest who Mrs. McGrady would watch, would have a class in the attic.

Monday, March 12, 2018

A Greater Purpose -part I - "A Knock At the Door"

   Hello! Today I'm starting a new blog series, called A Greater Purpose. It will be an on-going series, and I really hope you follow along! (Don't miss out; it will be fun!)
   Part I is called, "A Knock At the Door." After you finish reading, comment below your thoughts!

   It was the year 1934. The girls at the Bluebridge Orphanage huddled around the fireplace in the main hall. It was late November, and winter had fully arrived to the little Colorado town. 
   The Bluebridge Orphanage for Girls had been started three years before, when God had called Mr. and Mrs. McGrady to help orphans in nearby areas. They had found an old abandon building for a low price, and the kind folks from their church had helped to fix up the building, paint and clean it, and even donated furniture they didn't need. God's hand had been a part of the whole process.
   Sometimes they would be low on food, or could not afford to pay for electric, but God always provided. They were now up to 26 girls, ranging from six months, to eighteen years. The McGrady's were kind-hearted people, and had let the oldest girl, Charity, stay, even after she came of age.
   This particular evening they sat around the large fireplace, old Mr McGrady, with six year -old Rosa on his lap, wrinkled Mrs. McGrady, rocking wee little Beth, the youngest, and all of the others, settled around on the floor. The fire was the only way to keep warm, since they couldn't afford to pay the electric at this time. But it was cozy, and they were content. 

   Suddenly, a knock sounded at the front door. Charity went to see who it was, but when she opened the door, she could not see well, for the night air was foggy and dark. After a moment, her eyes made out a dark figure.
   "Come in," she beckoned, holding open the door. When they came in to the light, Charity realized it was a young woman, probably in her early twenties. "May I help you?" she asked.
   "I'm looking for a Mr. and Mrs. McGrady. Are they here?" The woman questioned. "Yes, right this way," Charity answered as she led her down the hall.
   When there, the woman nodded to the them both, and began. "My name is Evangeline. I come from the Calcutta Missionary Organization, in India. In mid-July, I had a vision. I saw your orphanage. There was an angel in my vision, an he said that God wanted me to come here." she paused."Back at the mission, I cleaned, cooked, and taught the children that lived there. For some reason, God has called me here. If you will let me stay, perhaps these services could be of use to you."

   There was a moment of silence, as the McGradys took in the information. "You came all the way from India alone?" Mrs. McGrady asked in wonder.
   "No, not alone. God was with me each step of the way." the woman replied. After another moment, Mr. McGrady said that they had a cot that no-one used, and then left to get it out.

   The children began to crowd around Evangeline, excitedly asking her various questions. "How far away is India?" "Why don't you look Indian?" "What is it like in India?"  "Now, now," Mrs. McGrady told them. "Not tonight. I'm sure she is tired, and you all are too. Off to bed, there will be plenty of time in the morning," and with that the children filed down the hall.
   "I'm sure you must be tired," Mrs. McGrady said. "We don't have a proper room for you, but for tonight Mr. McGrady has set up the cot in the hall. Hopefully that is alright."
   "That would be more than alright," Evangeline answered with a smile. 

   The next morning during breakfast, the McGradys told Evangeline that they decided to let her stay. The Lord must have a reason for sending her there, and they certainly did not want to send her away. "We could use your help tending to the younger children, while the older ones do their school and chores," Mrs. McGrady told her. "And I'm sure they'd love to hear about some of the things you did in India," she added. 

   And so it was decided that Evangeline would stay. Not only would she tend to the children-she also had another plan. It wasn't completely formed yet. She needed to decide some things, and make some plans. But she couldn't wait to surprise the children.

   Little did she know, there was more than one surprise in their midst...

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Liebster Award Tag

  Hello! Today's post is the Liebster Award Tag. I was tagged by Erica, from A Story of a Storyteller, and Beth, from Beth In Boots.


- Thank the person who nominated you.  Thanks Erica and Beth!
- Answer the eleven questions they gave you.
- Name eleven facts about yourself.
- Nominate eleven bloggers for this and let them know.
- Give them eleven questions.

  This post was kind of hard ( I'm horrible at deciding things like these) but it was also fun! So here are my answers: 

Erica's Questions

1.What is your favorite type of shoe?
We don't go out much, but when we do, I usually wear my sandals ( they're like flip flops with a flower), gray boots, or my toms. 
 I think the boots people like Laura Ingalls wore are neat looking though.

-picture found online-

2.What is your favorite non-fiction work? The Bible. Besides that, I don't really know. I'm reading a book about Sundar Singh for school, and I really like it. (Be on the look out for a book review!) I also liked God Spoke Tibetan and Mimosa.

3.Where would you visit if you could? Missouri. 

4.Are you a night owl or an early bird? I used to be a early bird, but now I'm a night owl. 

5.What is your favorite flower? Daisies, big lilies, and lily of the valley.

-lily of the valley-

6.What genre of writing could you never do?
  I don't know. A large, non-fiction book would be pretty hard. I'd constantly be stressed about if everything's right. And there are lots of things I would never want to write. (Like scary things. And I wouldn't want to write a book about regular people now days.)

7.What color do you detest? 
  I don't really detest any colors. But there's a certain light, but bright, bluish greenish that I don't like. (It's a colored pencil!) and I guess neon pink and neon green.

8.What kind of conversation is meaningful to you?
(This is so hard!) I love when my mom goes and tells a story of when she was younger, but I guess that's not really a conversation. It's fun when my dad tells us about interesting things. They can range from where some people think Jesus was in His missing years, things about Billy the Kid, or anything else! I guess when people ask about our family it seems meaningful. Or if I'm upset about something, and people give good advice. 

9.Who is your favorite historical character? Laura Ingalls and Gladys Aylward

10.If you could go back and speak to one author, who would it be? Laura Ingalls Wilder and Katie Davis. I still haven't read Kisses From Katie, but Katie's story sounds so neat, about going to Uganda, and adopting so many girls!

11.Which fictional character are you most like? That's a very hard question! I really don't know. My sister said Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Beth's Questions

1. When is your Birthday?
I'd rather not say on here. (sorry!)

2. How many kids do you want to have when you get married? 
I don't know. I used to say forty (some were going to be adopted!) but know I don't know.

3. What is your favorite sport if you have a favorite!? I don't really play any sports, but softball looks fun.

4. Would you rather be a beautiful horse or a small white rabbit? 

I guess a beautiful horse!

5. What is your favorite state? 
I don't know. I've been to north to Maine and south to Florida but never West. (Tennessee is the most west I've ever been!) Virginia's pretty, and so is West Virginia. It be neat to visit Alaska.

6. What is your favorite food? Cookie dough, soft, warm brownies 😅 , egg burritos, stuffed shells, pizza, and fettuccine Alfredo. There is a place in NY that serves cookie dough in ice cream cones. It sounds wonderful. *sighs
-picture found online-

7. Do you like dogs?

I don't looove them, but I don't dislike them. 

8. Do you have a pet?
Yes, 2 and a half cats, (One is part mine, part my sister's.)

9. What is one your favorite places to go? Gladys, Va

10. Do you want to go to college when you grow up? No

11. Do you wear any makeup? No

My questions: What is your favorite song?
How tall are you?
What are your three favorite books?
Where are you in your sibling line up (if you have siblings)? Oldest, youngest, second, etc
Warm weather, or cold weather?
Do you have any pets?
Do you like to do crafts?
What is your favorite school subject?
If you could visit to any state, which one would it be?
If you could visit any country, which one would it be?
Favorite Bible verse

Now I have to do 11 facts about me. /:

  1. I'm the third child in my family
  2. I really like songs Rachel Wissmann wrote.
  3. My cats' name are K.C., Faithie, and Shadow
  4. I love to bake 
 And here are the other seven things! -Here- Sorry /:

 Nominate 11 bloggers: 
 Paige Lavay
 Deborah van der Stoel
 Brianna (email blog)
  I guess that's all. (I know, it's not 11 /:  )

Thanks again for tagging me!!!!