Thursday, September 28, 2017

Some Tags

  Hi! A few months ago, I was tagged three times, by Lilly ShyreeMiss Blogger, and Hailey Hudson. Some of the the questions look pretty hard, (and there's a lot!) so I'm just gonna pick some to answer.

The Liebster Award
   Thanks for tagging me Lilly! 

  • What is your favorite season? Hmm. I like Fall, because of cool weather, nice breezes, leaves falling and changing color, and pumpkin things. And Winter's nice- I really like Christmas time, and I love when there is snow everywhere outside! Spring is nice; flowers blooming, and the weather getting warm. And Summer is nice too, because of the warm weather! (I know, I didn't really answer the question :P) 
  • How many kids do you wanna have someday? A lot! I used to say I would have 40, (including adopting), but I might not really. I would like a lot though! : )
  • What food is disgusting to you? Tuna looks (and smells!) gross, and eggs with the yolks not cooked through look pretty gross. 
  • What is the most boring book you own? I have a French dictionary that might be boring to read too much of. 😄

Summer Fun Blog Tag
   Thanks for tagging me Miss Blogger!

  • What's one of you biggest pet peeves? Cat's touching me with their wet noses.
  • What's the drink you always order at Starbucks? I don't go to Starbucks very often, but, Caramel Macchiatos. 
  • What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? "Like"
  • How tall are you? About 5' 5.5"

Abbie's Early Writing Tag
   Thanks for tagging me Hailey!

  Here's a story that I started when I was eleven. I don't know if it has a name, and I'm not sure if I ever got past the first chapter. Instead of telling you about it, you can read it below! 

Chapter 1. A Baby?

  Ding Dong, went the the doorbell at the Mances house. "I wonder who would be here at this time 
of night?" said Mrs. Mance, from her rocking chair. "I'll get it," said Mr. Mance as he was getting up

of the couch. "Mary, quick come!" he said. "What is it?" Mrs. Mance replied. "It's It's a baby!"

"What? A baby!" Mrs. Mance replied. "John, quick, bring it in! It must be so cold

out there! Oh and who would put a baby on our doorstep?" "But if it cries," Mr. Mance replied,"It will wake the

children up." "So!" Mrs Mance said," It's not even 20° out there! Bring her in, quickly!"

"What's you holding Mommy?" came a small voice from the hallway. "Oh Daisy Honey, come over here

 and see for yourself, but be very careful not to wake up the others." "Okay Mommy" Daisy replied.

"It's a little baby girl," said Mrs. Mance."A baby? Yay! A baby! A baby! A baby!" "Quiet down, Daisy, the other kids

 can know about it tomorrow." said Mrs. Mance. "Quick, wake up everybody! It's a baby! Mommy and Daddy found a baby!

You got to come see it! It's  a little girl! Quick! Rose, Paul, everyone! Hurry! It's a baby!"said Daisy. "Oh boy, Daisy, I

told you to be quiet." Mrs. Mance said. "You did?" Daisy replied. "Yes I did", her Mother answered.

"A baby?" " How did you find a baby?" " Who's baby is it?" "Can we keep her?" "How big is she?"

"Where did you find her?" The room flooded with questions from all of the kids."Quiet down kids, You are 

going to scare the baby." said Mrs. Mance. Then Mr. Mance said,"I know you all are very exited about the baby, but I can only answer your questions one at a time," "Okay." the children replied sadly. "Rose, you first."said Mr Mance.

"Okay" said Rose. " Who found her, and where did you find her?" "Okay, The doorbell rang," said Mr. Mance, "and I got up 

to get it, I saw the baby and told your Mom, the baby cried and woke up Daisy, and she woke you's all up."

"Oh" said Rose. "Paul you next" Mr. Mance said. "Okay," said Paul." Can we adopt her and keep her and name her?"

" Probley not," said Mr. Mance, " First we have to try to find her real parents, but for now how about we call her

Patience." "Great idea" said Mrs. Mance. Then Mr. Mance said,"John, do you have any questions?" "no, not 

really. They asked them all." He said. "any one else then?" said Mr. Mance. "No" they all said. "Okay, then

head back to bed. You can see Patience more tomorrow." He said.   " Aww! But I really want to hold her!"

said Daisy and Rose together. "Bedtime." said Mr. Mance. "Good night", said Mrs. Mance. "Good night,"

they all replied. And with that they were of to bed. 

  Yeah, I know there's a lot wrong with it. But I'm glad I still have it! 

  Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! 


  1. YES, I also say "like" a lot! I think it's a thing teens these days say a lot anyway. It's not really grammatically correct, but it just helps get the point across LOLOLOL

    That aside, the short story you wrote does give me cozy vibes :) I can imagine it as a nice children's storybook!


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