Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth Of July Snacks

   This year for the Fourth of July, we made some snacks.
Some fruit kabobs, with blueberries and white chocolate covered strawberries,

And a poke cake.

Here are some instructions for how to make them:

For the fruit kabobs, we melted some white chocolate chips with coconut oil in a chocolate melter.  A double broiler might also work.
Scoop out or cut off the green from the strawberries, along with any bad parts.
Cover the strawberries in chocolate, (you can do this by dipping them in, rolling them in it, spooning chocolate onto them, etc)
Leave them on a plate to dry.
Then stick two strawberries, along with some blueberries on each stick. A simple, yet pleasant red white and blue snack!

For the cake: First, make a white cake in a big, rectangular glass casserole dish.
After letting it cool, use the back of a wooden spoon to poke holes in it.
  Then, make red jello, but before it hardens, scoop some in the holes.
Also, you can put some around the edges of the cake.
 Next, mix up some vanilla instant pudding, and while its still movable, spread it over the cake.
 Finally, blend some coolwhip with blue food coloring and spread it over the pudding.
We used an edible blue gel was used for the words. We've had the gel for years, but if you were to buy some, perhaps red would look nice over the blue for a Fourth of July snack. Enjoy!
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