Monday, July 25, 2016

A Decorating Idea Taken From an American Girl Magzine

Here's an easy idea for decorating idea taken from an American Girl magazine. We did it on a chocolate cake ( click HERE for a chocolate cake recipe), but it might also be nice on a pan of brownies before they are sliced, an Γ©clair, and other snacks.

Here is how we did it!

Begin by a cutting out a shape from wax paper or parchment paper. You can use a cookie cutter to trace the shape if you'd like.

Lay it over the thing you wish to decorate.

Using a sifter, or something like this,

put confectioners sugar through it, and onto the cake and paper.

Carefully remove the paper. If needed, you can try to push some sugar off of the design.

                 A simple, yet different decorating style. Enjoy!         CLICK HERE FOR A CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE

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Did you try this? How did it work out? Feel free to write in the comments!!

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