Monday, March 19, 2018

Sundar Singh - A True Story

  Dear followers, today I want to tell you a true and exciting story! It's about Sundar Singh, an Indian man who was born a Sikh, but became a Christian as a teenager. I read a book for school on him, and thought it was very interesting. I hope you think that too!


  Sundar Singh was born to a Sikh family in India on September 3rd, 1889. His mother had wanted him introduced to many different religions, and, after making friends with two missionary ladies, Sundar's mother enrolled him in the American Presbyterian Mission School. He enjoyed going there, but, when he was fourteen something devastating happened. His mother died. 
  Sundar's heart hardened. He became very difficult at school, and eventually, he decided to quit. He chose instead to walk three miles each way to public school. He did for a time, but, ended up getting Malaria. The next school year Sundar returned to the Christian school, knowing he was too weak to walk six miles a day.

   The malaria had left side-effects. Sundar's mind would wander, and oftentimes he would fall asleep in school. He began to think he'd die before graduating. He was sad, and then angry. Angry at God. This anger grew, and one day he bought a New Testament Bible. To read? No. Sundar had some friends over, and burned the Bible. 
  While the Bible burned,  Sundar thought of his mother. What would she think if she were alive? He felt that he needed to know. Know for certain. He was sure the Christian God was not a live God. But what about the other gods or guros? He needed to know. 
  A few days later, Sundar prayed."God, if You are there, reveal Yourself to me tonight. If You do not, I will kill myself in the morning, because I cannot live another day with all of these unanswered questions."
  Early the next morning, Sundar was still awake. Suddenly, he noticed a light. The light grew and grew, and then the figure of a man appeared in the light. It was Jesus. Jesus spoke to him, in his own language, saying, "How long will you persecute Me? I have come to save you. You were praying to know the right way. Why do you not take it? I am the Way." Sundar got on his knees and asked Jesus to forgive, and save him.
  Afterwards, Sundar felt an enormous amount of peace and joy. He wanted to tell someone, so he woke his father, who said it was all a dream. But Sundar's life was changed.
  The teachers at his school were thrilled about the exciting news. Sundar's father, however, was not pleased. "You are a Sikh," he told Sundar. After numerous events, his father ended up telling him, "We reject you forever." 

  Sundar left, but, once on the train, realized that he had been poisoned by his family, and that he was now dying. He got off at the next stop, in a town he knew one of the Christian teachers had moved to.
  Once there, he collapsed into unconsciousness. When he awoke, he heard someone tell the teacher that there was nothing else he could do. Sundar would die, and he would come to talk about funeral arrangements the next day. Fifteen year old Sundar Singh prayed to God all throughout the night, that God would heal him. And He did! When the man came to make funeral arrangements in the morning, he was quite surprised to find Sundar sitting out in the sun!

  That's all for now! There will be a Part II soon. I'll try not to reveal everything, so that you'll still want to read the book. (I'll put a link to the book I read in Part II.) 
  So, did you enjoy Part I? Have you ever heard of Sundar Singh? Have you read any good books recently?
  Before I close, Grace H. from Don't You Know That I'm Singing? has just started a blog series called Identity Focus. " This series is about some things that take our focus off of our identity as believers in Christ." The fact that our identity is in Christ is so important. If our identity wasn't in Christ, we would have no hope. You can go and read Part I of her series, HERE. Have a great night!

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  1. This story was amazing! I can't wait to read part to! Not only was his story intriguing, but you wrote it very well too. ;)
    And thanks so much for sharing about my blog series!

    1. Oh, and a book I've read recently is "The Reverend Spy" by David P. Denton. It's a true story and it is SO amazing! And it's during WW2, which is my favorite time period to read about. You should read it. It's extremely inspiring! :)

    2. Thanks! And no problem about sharing it, I can't wait to read more! I'll look it up, it sounds neat!!

  2. Oh this is such a cool story!

    1. I thought so too! Thanks for reading, Beth!


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