Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mimosa : Book Review

  One day, long ago, there was a little Hindu girl who heard about a God who loved her.  She was at a place with her sister, but just for a little while. Her sister stayed there, so they did not grow up together. They did not have time to tell her much. They didn't tell her about Jesus dying on the cross. She didn't even remember His name. But she loved Him.
  That little girl left that day( I think she was only 5), to go years without hearing more. But God was with her. She went through many hard times in the years to come; people were cruel, her husband went blind, her son died... But God was with her through it all. She knew He was, and that He had plans for her. 
   She also witnessed miracles. One night, when they had no food at all in their house, she told her children, "We have praised our God when we had food.  Now let us praise Him when we have none." Later that night, after the children were a bed, her cousin came. "Hast thou any food?" he asked. He said he couldn't sleep, something was urging him to bring them food. 
  Later on, she was reunited with her sister, after 22 years. 
They were much different from each other. Mimosa, though younger, looked older. She had been through much. "You know Him through learning," she wrote in a letter one day. "But I know Him through suffering." 
  The back of the book says: "Mimosa comes vividly to life in this true story of a soul charmed by God." 
  I really enjoyed reading Mimosa, and recommend reading it if you ever get a chance. 

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  1. My mom read this to me and my sister Beth a long time ago!! I loved it so much!!
    It was a little difficult to understand but I need to read it again!!

    - Lilly Shyree (

    1. Yes- you really should! It was such a good book and it really got me thinking about some important things!


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