Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spending my Giftcard

 I didn't know what to blog about today, so my Mom suggested doing a post on what I bought with my gift-card, so here it is! 

  Yesterday me and my sister both had fun picking out some things to buy with gift-cards that we got for Christmas, and here are some things I bought with mine! 

  Fine Line Marker Set  We do a lot of coloring in our house, and the reason I wanted to get these is because sometimes there are really small details that might look sloppy colored with the regular markers we use. (Secret Garden coloring book for example.)
  By the way, my Mom has a new Instagram account where she shares things that she's colored. Feel free to check it out!!! mommaloves2color
                        It comes with 30 markers (:       !         

Here's something I started yesterday with them.

  Okay, moving on...Here's a sketch book I got. It's hardback, and I really like it. My sister does something for school in a sketch book like this where she draws some, but also writes poems and puts magazine clippings in it. I think I might copy that idea.

The outside cover has a picture of Venice and the inside cover is just blue.

After we were home I noticed it even has a ribbon inside- just an extra little surprise!!

And finally, the expansion pack for one of the best games ever created-Dutch Blitz 😊  I already had the regular Dutch Blitz, but with the Expansion Pack you can play with more people. 

Look what is says on the back😉

well, that about sums it up!!! I hope you are all having a great day!! And if you have any blogging tips or suggestions of things to write about, please let me know in the comments or on the CONTACT page, thanks!!

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