Saturday, December 3, 2016

Easy Apron Tutorial Sizes6-10

  Are you still wondering what to get someone for Christmas this year? Or perhaps somebody's birthday is coming up? How about you make them an apron? It's not too late! This DIY apron doesn't take very long to make... 
  The measurements I am posting are the ones I used, which I am guessing would fit 6 y/o's through 10 y/o's, but am not exactly sure.  You can try to adjust the pattern if you need too. 
  I'll try to make the directions pretty clear.

  Here's the apron laying  flat. ↓

  Okay, so to begin, you'll need to cut out the pieces. 
  1. Cut pieces. Each piece has a name.  See picture above.  Here are the measurements for the pieces. Don't forget, you can adjust them, and they don't have to be exact.
  • Piece A -   44" by 7"
  • Piece B -   42 1/2" by 4"
  • Piece C -   20" by 16"
  • Piece D (CUT 2) 3" by 13"
  • Piece E(CUT 2) 8" by 10"

  Once you've cut out the pieces, let's begin sewing!

2.Lay pieces E1 and E2 on top of eachother, good sides facing in. Sew three of the four sides. Be sure that the side you don't sew is one of the wider sides. See picture below. (Pink is sewn parts).
If you want, use pinking shears to cut around edges to prevent fraying.

Turn right-side-out and iron.

3.Now get piece A. Iron a little hem, then fold it over again and iron again.

                                                                  Sew the hem.

4.Good job. Now get piece C. 
Hem three out of four sides of piece C. Make sure that you leave one of the wide sides of piece C un-hemmed. (The un-hemmed side will be attached to the ruffle.)
When you're done, lay piece C on the floor, good side facing down. Put piece E above it, overlapping about 1/2". Make sure it's centered. See picture below!
Pin, sew, and turn over to see the good side.

5.Now for piece B!Lay it down flat so that the good side is facing down.
Fold the left side half way over;iron. Fold the right side over, overlapping the left a little. Iron. 
Now, using a zig-zag stitch, sew directly down the middle, being sure that you are sewing the left part and the right part down. See picture below!

When you are done, fold ends over and sew.

6.Do what you did in step 5 to D1 and D2. Don't fold over both edges though, like you did with B when you were done. Instead, fold over just the left side for one of them, and just the right side for the other.

    7.Okay, now using whatever stitch you want, sew the belt on.  First, lay it on the fabric, being sure it is centered. Then, sew straight across, from one side of C to the other side of C.

 8. With the biggest stitch your machine can do, sew a strait stitch(with no knots in it) at the top of piece A. Be sure that it doesn't gather too much as you're sewing it. When you're done,pull it so that it gathers, and lay it on piece C. Attach it to the bottom of piece C, good side facing piece C. Take out gathering stitch if it shows.

 9.Attach neck straps to back of apron by the part of them that's not folded over.

 10.On the left and ride sides of ruffle, sew a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying.
Iron apron..

And you're done!  Have fun!

                     Hope you have a nice Christmas !
                                                                       Laura@ Flowersinmybasket

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