Thursday, December 29, 2016

Color the Psalms-My New Planner

  Hi everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas? I sure did! What is your favorite gift you got this year? Something that I got and especially like is a Color the Psalms Planner!

  If you love to color you'll love this planner!  

 Here's a page I colored in mine with my new Crayola colored pencils which I also LOVE! They are different from regular colored pencils, they are darker and chalkier.
   There are tons of pages with Psalms to color (like the one pictured below), and also just little flowers here and there to add a little color too. 
  Not only is it fun to color, it's also nice to flip through your planner and see all pretty pictures you've finished!

  Here is one of the pages to write in! I didn't color the flower yet. There are also pages to write birthdays, passwords, and addresses!

  What's your favorite gift you received this year? Comment below!


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