Sunday, July 31, 2016

Misery Ridge

Misery Ridge is a mountain in Maine. My great-grandmom, who loves that mountain, wrote a book recently.  The books is titled, "Misery Ridge". If you'd like to check it out, click HERE

Here is the description of the book, copied from Amazon:

Gerry was a city kid, growing up in Philadelphia. She moved with her family to rural southern New Jersey when she was thirteen, and discovered the joy of hunting with her dad. When she met Wes, they were both delighted to find someone who shared their love for the outdoors. They married and raised six daughters and two sons. The kids were raised with an appreciation of all things related to the outdoor sports; hunting, fishing, hiking, boating. They were taught firearm safety, and all attended the state's safety classes and passed with high marks. They learned orienteering so they could safely find their way in and out of any piece of woods. Gerry and Wes had dreamed often of a deer hunt in Maine. In their thirties, they made it happen. They went to Maine and fell in love...with a mountain! Over the years they've shared that "Love of place" with their family and many friends. For nearly half a century, they've hunted, fished, canoed, climbed, hiked, ice fished, snowmobiled, picnicked, and camped, enjoying the area on and around Misery Ridge. Gerry penned this book to honor her soulmate, and to leave something of them both for their children and grandchildren to remember and enjoy. She also hopes that by writing this book, she may influence other women and girls to realize the experiences and enjoyment that a day afield can bring, and inspire them to join the many thousands of women across the country who share really good times with friends and family.

Please do check it out! Click HERE to see it on Amazon.

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