Monday, July 18, 2016

DIY Birthday Card with Princess Crown


Do you know someone who is having a birthday soon? Enjoy making this card, customizing it just for them. Use a silver crown over a pink background. Or a gold crown over a purple background. Whatever you wish! Add jewels to the crown. Use paint. Be creative! And have fun!

  To begin, you get some scrapbook paper out. I used sparkly blue for the crown and a double sided blue for the background. Also get a hot glue gun, markershot glue, elastic, scissors, and a silver sharpie marker out.
Cut a rectangle using the paper that you wish for the card to be made of. It should be approximately 12" by 6". Fold it in half, being sure that the side you want on the outside is out.
     Great! Now begin the crown!  On the back of the paper you have decided to use, draw a simple crown. It does not have to be an elegant design. Make it approximately 6.5" long.   Cut it out.
If you desire, add jewels to the crown.

Cut a piece of elastic that is about 12.5"  long.

NOTE I made this for an 8 year old. You may want to make it a bit smaller or bigger.
Using hot glue, attach the ends of the elastic to the back of the crown, as in the photo above.

Back to the card!

Decorate the cover, using markers paper, and whatever else you choose!

Now, cut two rectangles  of paper out. I ended up extending one of mine by attaching another to it.

   Glue one side of each to the inside of the card. Put the elastic of the crown under, and glue the other side of the paper down. Be careful not to glue the elastic!!

Decorate the inside of the card however you wish!
                   You're finished!   
When the birthday girl is ready to wear it, she can rip the little papers holding the crown on. (-:

            Did you try this? Feel free to write in the comments how yours turned out!

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