Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Driving Cautiously Guest Post by B.M.

  Hello! Today I'm doing a post swap with B.M. from Sparkle For Jesus. Read her post below, and be sure to check out her blog when you're done!


 Hello! My (blogging) name is B.M. and I blog over at Sparkle For Jesus! I "met" Laura through Lilly Shyree and we have been doing a post swap. You can read Laura's article at my blog now. Thank you to Laura and all your readers for letting me share a few words of encouragement today! 

**Let me begin by saying that this article is not really about driving ;) 

So, I'm not driving yet, (I have to wait only one year!) but one of my brothers recently began driving these past few months. It is a very exciting time as we all watch him carefully and cautiously drive along the roads with us hanging on to our seats. :) Since I'm right below him, I tend to glean from everything he does like school, purchases, activities, etc... so I have learned a little bit more about driving recently! 

I really love analogies, and one day as he was practice driving with me and our dad, I thought up something that is a great illustration! 

When you are driving, you pay attention to the speed limit, stay on your side of the road, and are courteous to those you are sharing the road with. Why do we do this? To follow the law and obey the government. When we drive, we look out for the police and state troopers because they have the right to punish us for being disobedient to the law. 

Isn't it the same way in our Christian lives? Once you become a Christian, you want to follow the law because it glorifies our Savior! If we do not, God has the right to punish us for our wrongdoings. 

Now imagine this-- you are driving in a long line of cars and you happen to notice a hidden officer watching each of you. You drive cautiously, making sure you are doing what you're supposed to. None of the other cars notice the officer, and they continue driving recklessly and however they want to. 

Soon, there is a car accident and all the cars begin to pileup. But you, since you are carefully following the law, brake and are saved from a terrible death!

In our lives, we know that God is always watching us, lovingly protecting us by making sure we follow the law. We will be saved from a terrible eternal death because we drove cautiously! 

Living our lives to glorify God is the best thing we could ever possibly do. It begins with surrendering your life to Christ and repenting of your sins. After we have become Christians, we can be radiant testimonies and bright lights for the glory of God! 

Thanks for letting me share a few words today! Please come visit my blog and check out Laura's post! 

His Handmaiden,

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  1. Very great analogy BM :)

  2. Great post!!

  3. This analogy was so well put! Thank you so much, B.M.!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


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