I have these gel-pens at home and really like them! A benefit to coloring with gel-pens is that they hardly leak through the paper, if at all. Markers on the other hand can leak a LOT. This pack comes with regular, metallic, multi-colored, and also sparkly ones, which look really nice when you add a little to your picture. 

Kitten Mouse Pad
Kitten Mouse Pad by Flowersinmybasket
At my Zazzle Store

Crochet doll purse for 18"  dolls
Hand-made (:


  1. I really need a good set of gel pens and these ones seem nice with a great variety of colors as well, my adult coloring books would be awesome with an extended variety of colors. On my way to check them out thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I have these and I use them a lot! I don't really like using colored pencils, and markers leak through the pages, so these work out great for me! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Where do you get those types of pens???

  3. This stuff is soooo cute/pretty/nice/whatever you can describe it with...

  4. So cool. I love all of it!


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