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Can orphans celebrate Christmas?—A Greater Purpose VI

Can orphans celebrate Christmas? 
A Greater Purpose VI

Winter had come to Bluebridge, Colorado, bringing with it freezing temperatures and lots of snow. The girls huddled close together, as they sat by the fire, to keep each other warm. Evangeline sat in deep reflection, thinking over the many events that had happened in the past twelve months. It was almost a year ago when she had arrived here that cold December night. She had started a class, called "A Greater Purpose", to try to tell the girls about Jesus. She had grown so close to each and every one of them; now they felt almost like sisters. In fact, she had found out that Charity really was her sister! Oh, what a surprise that had been! These past months since that eventful spring day had been very special as the two sisters got to know each other better.
  "Charity is such a nice girl," Evangeline thought as she sat there. "She is always so quick to help, or to comfort the younger ones. Sometimes, though, she seems sad underneath it all. If only she would turn to God, He would give her joy."
  Evangeline had tried to tell her of God's love many times during these past months. Sometimes Charity seemed interested, but then she would back away, or change the subject.
  Evangeline recalled one time in particular, soon after they had found out that they were sisters. Miracle, the caterpillar they had kept in a jar, had come out of his chrysalis, and the girls had all watched as he opened his wings to dry them before his first flight. Evangeline had tried to explain to them how they, too, can become new creatures, but while she was telling them, Charity had walked out of the room. 
  "How can I shine God's light to Charity?" Evangeline wondered.

  The next morning during breakfast, Evangeline asked the children what they usually do to celebrate Christmas.
  "What's Christmas?" Four year old Lavender asked with a curious look.
  "It's a holiday where rich parents give their children toys," Mercy told her scornfully. 
  "Christmas is when I came here," twelve year old Poinsettia said cheerfully.
  "We don't usually celebrate Christmas," Charity answered.
  "But why?" Evangeline asked in shock. 
  "No point," Charity replied. "Besides, you need money to do that sort of thing. If you couldn't tell, we're sort of lacking in that."
  "Nonsense!" Evangeline cried. "You don't need money to celebrate Christmas! When I lived in India we were very poor, but Christmas was still my favorite time of the year!"
  "What's the point of celebrating Christmas if we can't afford presents?" Hannah asked.
  "The point?!" Evangeline exclaimed. "The point of Christmas is not presents, it's Jesus. We celebrate Christmas because Jesus came down as a baby to save us. Not only that, but it is possible to make presents without spending money." 
  "Can orphans celebrate Christmas?" Merry asked. "I always thought that Christmas was a day to spend with your family." 
  "Merry," Evangeline reminded her, "of course we can celebrate Christmas! And besides, we are a family, don't you think?"
  "I guess." Merry answered solemnly.
  "I say we celebrate Christmas this year." Evangeline said after a moments pause. "Anyone with me? Reluctantly, the girls agreed.

To be continued

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