Sunday, August 2, 2020

Mediocre Lives

     Millions of people are living mediocre lives. Some people know they are. They wake up tired, start on their daily expectations, whether that be school, work, taking care of children, or anything else, scroll through their phone in the evening, and go to bed just to wake up to the same routine tomorrow. They are mentally exhausted. They want life to change, but don't know how it possibly could. 
     Some people, though, think that they're living their best life. Maybe they have their dream job, and make enough money to buy everything they want. Maybe they have a million friends, or maybe they spend their days traveling the world. To them, life could seem perfect at the moment.
     Whether or not they know it, they're living quite a mediocre life.

Mediocre = Of moderate quality

     A mediocre life could be better. Much better. You see, when God made us, He put a hole in our hearts, a hole only He could fill. I think everyone is aware that they're seeking something, that deep down inside, they're unsatisfied. They want more out of life. For me, just looking at a sunset tells me, "There's more to life." 
     Some people just accept the fact that they will never be fulfilled. They want more, but they are too depressed to try to improve their life, and they feel like they couldn't change anything even if they tried. Many people, though, try to fill that void with all their might. Maybe you think that if you can travel the world, you'll be satisfied. Maybe if you get married, and have children, you'll be fulfilled. Maybe if you were rich, it would take away all of your stress, and you could just have peace. Solomon went the route of trying to find his own fulfillment, and in the end he concluded that "All is vanity." 

Vanity = The quality of being useless or futile. 

      Some people think that if they spend their lives helping others, they will be satisfied. While it's true that we were not made to live for ourselves, not even spending your life for others will fill that empty hole. There's something even deeper than loving others, and that's knowing and loving the Creator of the universe.

     Do you know God? Reading your Bible is important, and obeying Him is important, but do you actually know Him, as a Father, and as a friend? That is how you will really be satisfied in life. 


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