Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ideas To Do With Children

  Hello! Today I want to share a few ideas with you that I hope will encourage you to have fun with the children in your life! Sometimes we are tempted to just focus on what we want to do, but we are told to put other before ourselves, so let's try to give them some fun too! These aren't complicated things, just little things (most of which you've already heard of), that will give you and them happy memories!
  Perhaps you babysit, or teach a class; maybe you just have younger siblings you want to spend more time with. These ideas are for you!

1. Simon says
  You've probably heard of this game! One person is "Simon" and tells the others what to do. The key is, they are only supposed to obey if you say "Simon says" before you say the command. So if you say, "Jump!" and they obey, they're out. But if you say "Simon says jump!" they should jump. Last person still in becomes the next Simon.
  The other day I did this with a few of my siblings, and it was a great success! Afterwards I went downstairs, and way later I came back to find that some of them were still playing!
  We used our own names instead of Simon though, so, I would say "Laura says". And we just played as long as we wanted, without a winner or loser.

2. Flash cards
  This is good for little children just learning to talk, or if a someone doesn't talk clearly. My brother is four, but still needs help pronouncing words, so this is a good idea for him. Simply say whatever is on the card, and have them repeat it.
  If you have alphabet flash cards, you can use them to help children learn the alphabet. Even though it's like school, they may still enjoy it, and also enjoy the fact that you're spending quality time with them!

3. Funny voices
  This is not really an organized game, but still something fun! Everyone simply tries to make the funniest voice they can!

4.Teach them songs
  Children have very good memory, so if you try to teach them songs, they will catch on quickly! Songs where they repeat after you are especially easy! The other day my siblings learned the Littlest Worm song, and even my two-year old sister sings along!

5. Ring a round the rosy/ Row your boat/Pop goes the weasel!/Duck duck goose
  Most everyone has heard these since they were little, but I know my siblings would love it if I did these with them! Sometimes children won't usually do something, but if someone older is doing it, they'll do it too, and have fun!

6. Color
  My little sister loves when I color with her! Just bring some coloring books and crayons out, and color! Even if they color all they time, coloring with you will make it special.

7. Play a board game
  Depending on their age, board games can be great fun! My brother who is four can play memory, go-fish, war, and even checkers!

I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this post!
What do you like to do with children?


  1. love this! one thing i've learned over the last year is that younger girls need those "older friends", and to try to be like a godly role model for them. idk why but that has sorta just stuck out at me. <33

    1. Yes, I definitely agree with you! It seems younger girls look up to older girls, so be need to be really careful!

  2. Good ideas! I haven't entered the whole realm of babysitting yet, but I'm hoping someday I do! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Good ideas Laura! I don't have real young siblings, but even if they're older we can still play games! :)


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